How to buy

We decided to make an instruction for you in order to invest correctly.

So, to purchase tokens investor should send ETH (not less than minimum 0.1 ETH) to corresponding crowdsale contract:


Recommended GAS: 250000, GAS PRICE - 21 Gwei.

You should invest using wallets that support ERC20, such as:

Attention!!! DO NOT use other wallets, coinmarkets, stocks or exchanges. This can lead you to losing your money.

After the investment is done, for the further token’s display in your wallet, add them in the following way:

  • Paste the token's address:
  • Paste the token symbol - WBBC
  • Paste the Desimals of Precision - 18

You can buy tokens from us on the site. Also, for payment via BTC or transaction tracking, you need to register.